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10' x 20' Outdoor Canopy Party Wedding Tent

SKU: AP2066
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  • Upgraded Frame Material: Made fromplastic-coated steel pipes, the frame is solid and durable that is resistant to rust, corrosion and scratches. With high-quality plastic connectors, the solid frame is much more stable, improving the safety factor of youroutdoor party.
  • Multifunctional Usages: This outdoor canopy has a wide selection of usages, which is ideal for any outdoor events, such as camping, parties, weddings, barbecues, etc. You can also install it inyour backyard as a large sunshade for your family and guests to spend leisure time.
  • Removable Sidewalls and Doors: The sidewalls canvas with four windows are connected by removablesticks. And the two doors at the two ends are closed by zippers, which is removable by unzipping them. You can adjust the sidewalls and doors to meet your needs.
  • High-Quality Canopy Fabric: Equipped with 90g/m2 PE waterproof fabric, the long-lasting canvas is durable andcan block sunlightand rain out, making this canopy perfect for any outdoor weather conditions. The forest-green hue allows you to feel as though you are relaxing in nature.
  • With Enough Space: Designed with two rooms, the space is wide enough for many people in your large outdoor event without being too crowded. And the two rooms can be divided for camping together with your family in your backyard.

This outdoor canopy tent with 2 rooms is ideal for any outdoor events, such as camping, parties, weddings, barbecues, etc.


You can also install it inyour backyard to spend your leisure time with your family and friends. With high-quality waterproof canopy fabric, the tent can block sunlightand rain out. And the upgraded frame material makes the construction much more stable, improving your safety factor in outdoor events. Designed with 2 rooms, you won’thave to worry that thespace is too small for a large party. Its large size can hold many people for your next fun gathering without being too crowded.


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  •  Plastic-coated steel pipe frame for both stability and durability
  • High-quality plastic connectors add stability
  • 90g/m2 waterproof pe fabric with durability blocks rain and sunlight out
  • Removable sidewalls with 4 windows to meet your various needs
  • The doors with zipper for easy access and removal
  • 2 rooms, a large size to hold large parties
  • Ideal for any outdoor events, such as camping, party, wedding, barbecue,etc.
  • Comes with ropes and stakes for added stability
  • Easy to assemble according to manual
  • Model: 20 x 10 ft (four-side wall)
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Number of wall cover: 6
  • Frame: White powder coated steel w/ PE joint fittings
  • Sidewalls: 90 g polyethylene + Water proof + UV
  • Color: White & Green
  • Size: 20 x 10 ft 4 x walls w/ windows / 2 x zip-up doorway