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  • 61" Large Bird Cage Play Top Pet Supply

61" Large Bird Cage Play Top Pet Supply

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  • Strong Metal Frame and Special Roof: This parrot bird cage is mainly constructed of strong and powerful steel and its surface is processed with exquisite powder finish coating. So the cage will remain rust-resistant and maintain years of use. Besides, it can also suitable for being put indoors and outdoors. The cage top is like a house roof which effectively protects birds inside while being put outside.
  • Removable Metal Drawer for Easy Cleaning: The bottom metal drawer is easy-glide and removable so it is much convenient for you to clean your birds’ home. Two lockable feeding doors are also convenient for you to feed your birds or parrots, prevent them from escaping and ensure their safety.
  • Four Flexible Casters and Stability: Four flexible casters greatly helps you to easily move the cage but it will keep stable when it needs to be stopped. Detailed manual and complete accessories are included. It will take you short time to assemble it well.
  • 2 Doors and Two Feeders: Two feeding doors help you more easily add food or water to feeder for birds’ eating. These feeding cup is designed for water and the feeding box is good for drinking water. The special design of the feeder front edge is convenient for birds to stand steadily.
  • 4 Metal Perches Good for Rest and Scratch: Four metal interior perches offer sufficient space for birds’ rest and scratching their paws, which is good for your birds’ healthy growth and protects their paws from hurting themselves. Different heights of each metal perch bars can meet their demands for height and add more interest for their entertainment.

Homey and functional, the bird cage, served not merely as a reliable protection but a cozy habitat, is where your beloved birds can be taken good care of.


The steel play top and cup feeders provide an ample room for your lovely birds to play, inhabit while you still have the acess to feed both inside and outside. Solid and durable as it is, the cage assures a non-escape security beyond expectation. Meanwhile, the four casters with locks is designed for easy moving to no matter where you'd love to share a great time with your birds.


The cage is so a perfect solution bringing an enjoyable for both you and your bird. Make it yours and make it your birds' home!


  • Brand new and high quality
  • New designed structure and sturdy frame for stability
  • Tall stand for higher cage situation where birds love to stay
  • Powder-coated and non-toxic wire to ensure the safety of birds
  • Strong metal wire that cannot be easily bent
  • Cup feeders on the play top for free fly and inhabit
  • Reasonable bar space prevents escape
  • Top and bottom metal slide-out trays for easy cleaning
  • Lower removable grate for easy cleaning
  • 4 strong swivel casters for mobility and stability
  • 2 locking feeder doors for fast and convenient feeding
  • 1 feeding cups and 1 feeding box for dry food, wet food or water
  • 4 play top perch for resting and exercise


  • 1. All the casters have lock 
  • 2. Make sure that your lovely birds won’t escape from the cage through bar space
  • Color: Dark gray
  • Overall dimensions: 25" x 26" x 61" (L x W x H)
  • Living area dimension: 20” x 21” x 42” (L x W x H)
  • Material: Iron
  • Height without stand or top: 42"
  • Bar spacing: 1/2"
  • Size of small door: 5” x 6” (L x W )
  • Size of large door: 9” x 6” (L x W )
  • Package weight: 41 lbs
Use & Care Manual PDF
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